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Welcome to Santa Maria Goretti Parish


Italian Parish of the Archdiocese of Edmonton

9110 - 110 Avenue NW, Edmonton, Alberta T5H 4A1

Office Phone: (780) 422-8304, Office Email: santamariagoretti.italian@caedm.ca

Office Hours: Monday through Friday, 9:00 am-1:00 pm and 1:30-4:00 pm

Pastor: Reverend Fr. George Puramadathil, CFIC

Office Administrator: Sr. Lilly Jose AO

Pastoral Assistant: Sr. Sumy Mathew AO

About Our Parish

Santa Maria Goretti Italian Parish is a 1600 family, city wide Roman Catholic Parish in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

The parish was established in 1958 by first generation Italian immigrants, and now serves as a spiritual home for many subsequent generations of faithful descendants and their families.


Wearing of Face Masks in Church

The Archbishop is directing that masks be worn by all congregants throughout the Mass, with these exceptions:

Since the dispensation from the Sunday Obligation still applies, anyone who has difficulty or issues with wearing a mask may want to consider staying home and staying safe at this time.

Watch a video clip of a 360 degree view of SMG Parish here...

Graduale ritorno alla celebrazione pubblica della S. Messa

Massimo numero  dei partecipanti   115
Per proteggere i nostri parrocchiani, quanti lavorano in chiesa e i sacerdoti dalle infezioni. Ciò richiede alti livelli di attenzione e protocolli straordinari per la salute in ogni parrocchia.
Ecco quanto si richiede:

1.  Telefonate   o   email    alla parrocchia  per prenotare la S. Messa (obbligatorio )
2.  Limitare a 115 il numero massimo dei partecipanti ad ogni Messa, ed anche meno se necessario per assicurare la distanza tra uno e l'altro
3.  Chiedere agli addetti ai lavori di essere in regola secondo le norme di sicurezza e di spostamento raccomandate dai Servizi Sanitari dell'Alberta.
4.  Segnare i nominativi degli addetti e le indicazioni per contattarli e rintracciarli in caso di necessità
5.  Disinfettare le mani all'entrata e all'uscita
6.  Mantenere la distanza fisica durante la celebrazione
7.  Sanificare la chiesa tra una Messa e l'altra
8.  In conformità con la legge della città di Edmonton (19408), l'uso di maschere non mediche sarà obbligatorio negli spazi pubblici interni di Edmonton, comprese le chiese. 
Orario -  Martedi - Venerdi'  alle  ore  7 pm, Sabato alle ore 5 pm

Domenica alle ore  11 am (bilingue)

A Gradual Return to Publicly Celebrated Mass

Please be assured that we remain committed to doing everything we can to protect our parishioners, church staff, and clergy from infection. This will mean high levels of diligence and extra safety protocols at each parish.

These will include:
1.  Please   you  MUST  call   or  email  to  pre-register  your  name   to attend  the  Mass
2.  Limiting the total number of participants at each Mass to 115, or fewer if that is required to ensure physical distancing
3.  Asking attendees to answer a series of health and travel-related questions as recommended by Alberta Health Services
4.  Recording names and contact information of attendees for the purpose of contact tracing if necessary
5.  Sanitizing hands upon entry and exit
6.  Observing physical distancing throughout the celebration
7.  Extra cleaning of the church between masses
8.  In accordance with City of Edmonton bylaw 19408, the wearing of non-medical masks will be mandatory in public indoor spaces in Edmonton, including churches

Santa Maria Goretti Parish Mass  Schedule

Tuesday  -  Friday  at  7:00 p.m., Saturday 5 p.m.

Sunday    at  11:00 a.m.      (all Masses are bilingual)

Mass Times

Please pre-register with the Parish Office to attend Mass (mandatory)

In accordance with City of Edmonton bylaw 19408, the wearing of non-medical masks is mandatory in public indoor spaces, including churches

Saturday June 19

Sunday June 20 - 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Tuesday June 22

Wednesday June 23

Thursday June 24

Friday June 25

Saturday June 27

Sunday June 27 - 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Tuesday June 29

Wednesday June 30

Thursday July 1

Friday July 2

Saturday July 3

Sunday July 4 - Santa Maria Goretti Feast Day

What to expect when attending Mass

As explained above, your pre-registration with the Parish Office (via phone or email) is required in advance to attend Mass in person.

Pre-registration information shall include:

Collection of this information is mandatory per Alberta Health Services in order to maintain a contact tracing list should an outbreak occur.

After pre-registering, ingress to the Church will commence 30 mins before scheduled mass time.  Safety coordinators will be onsite to remind everyone to respect physical distancing rules.

Entry to the Church will be closed before Mass commences.

Before entering the Church, you will be asked a series of COVID-19 screening questions supplied by Alberta Health Services.  Please remember the wearing of non-medical masks is mandatory in all public indoor spaces, including churches.

An usher will seat you when entering the Church to respect physical distancing rules.  Sanitize your hands when entering and leaving the Church.

Please follow the directions of the Priest for receiving communion and when leaving the Church.

Thank you for your patience as we respect Alberta Health Services rules in order to keep everyone safe.

Calling all Volunteers!

If you are an existing Santa Maria Goretti Parish volunteer and have completed your Called to Protect training, please consider volunteering in one of the following most urgently needed roles:

These specific roles require many volunteers in order to sustain the Parish Mass schedule.  Please contact the Parish Office to volunteer your time for these most important roles.

Parish Calendar of Events

Weekly Mass Schedule

Tuesday through Friday, 7 pm (Bilingual).  Maximum 115 persons in attendance.  Pre-registration with the Parish Office required.

Saturday, 5 pm (Bilingual).  Maximum 115 persons in attendance.  Pre-registration with the Parish Office required.

Sunday, 11 am (Bilingual).  Maximum 115 persons in attendance.  Pre-registration with the Parish Office required.

Sacrament of Confession available by appointment only.

All are welcome for personal prayer in Church subject to the same precautions observed for Mass.  Please call the Parish Office to reserve.

Weekly Radio Program & Mass

The Parish's weekly Italian radio program can be heard on World FM 101.7 every Sunday morning at 8:30 am.

Listen to the June 20th  edition (12th Sunday in Ordinary Time) here...

Parish Bulletins

20 June

Bulletin Archive

Parish News

Santa Maria Goretti Feast Day - July 4

This year because of the pandemic our plans for Santa Maria Goretti feast day on Sunday, July 4th, had to be scaled down.

Fortunately, there will be two Masses, an English Mass at 9:30 a.m. and an Italian Mass at 11:30 a.m. No other activities or procession will be taking place.

However, Chef Patrick will be providing our traditional outdoor lunch after each of the Masses. It will include pasta, Italian sausage on a bun with peperonata, salad, and dessert, for $25.00.

The proceeds will be shared between the church and the Centre. Lunches will have to be pre-ordered.

Please start registering for the Feast Day Mass now and ordering your lunches by calling Sr. Lilly at the office (780-422-8304). The deadline for ordering is Sunday, June 27th.

We hope that all parishioners will come out to celebrate Mass and enjoy a “take out” lunch to support our Centre as it tries to recuperate from the financial losses of the past year. Thank you!

Choose your preferred method to support Santa Maria Goretti Parish:

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Information Relating to COVID-19

The Bishops of Alberta and the Northwest Territories have released a Letter: On vaccination against COVID-19

For the latest update from Alberta Health Services on the coronavirus: https://www.alberta.ca/coronavirus-info-for-albertans.aspx 

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